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Москва Сити Башня Восток мини офис 29 метров.


Москва Сити Башня Федерация. Офисы от 80 метров.

Офис 96 квм 2.JPG
Москва Сити, башня на Набережной. ВСЁ ВКЛЮЧЕНО! От 85 000 руб.
Офисы в Москва Сити башня Город Столиц от 90 000 руб. за офис на 2-3х сотрудников! 

Офис с балконом напротив Государственной Думы 200 000 руб!
Офисы с мебелью на Садовом Кольце от 54 000 руб!
Офис в Авроре на 2 человека
           Аренда рабочих мест в 4-6 местных офисах от 19000 руб!
Рабочее место в Нордстар Тауэр. Юридический адрес в ИФНС 14
БЦ Садовая Плаза от 48000 руб за офис!
Офисы с мебелью в Москва Сити от 15 до 130 м²! Фото офисов!
Офисы в Москва Сити с панорамным видом
Москва Сити, Башня ИмперияЭКСКЛЮЗИВ

Офисы на Беговой, Нордстар Тауэр от 41 000 руб за офис

Арендовать офис 20 кв. метров

60 000 руб. в мес. за офис 20 кв.м. Смоленская Пл., Арбат

Аренда рабочего места в Москва-Сити. Юридический адрес. Круглосуточный доступ 

Небольшие офисы в аренду м. Белорусская

Офис с мебелью на 2-4 человека в БЦ Лесная Плаза от 80 000 руб. в месяц. Фото офисов

Скидки. 80 квм, 90 квм, 150 квм, 200 квм, 1200 квм.  

 +7 916 258 26 23

Business center "Lesnaya Plaza" is located on the 4th Lesnoy Lane in a convenient location in one of the major business centers of Moscow, near the Garden Ring and Tverskaya street, a hundred meters from Belorusskaya metro station, next to the White Square.


Majority of foreign tenants  prefer Lesnaya Plaza office center, since the building is located opposite the train station with aeroexpress train shuttling to Sheremetyevo International Airport. There’re also the hotel Holiday Inn and Marriott Tverskaya in a walk distance.


We help find small offices for rent in Lesnaya Plaza and in other executive buildings in Moscow. Our proposals include furnished serviced offices from 15 square meters for 2-3 persons and larger up to 300 square meters office blocks. The tenants receive all necessary documentation for starting legal entity registration. It is convenient for companies and representatives that start business activity in Russia to get all necessary services and documents at one place.


There’s a wide range of furnished offices of premium class with services that we propose for your choice in Lesnaya Plaza. The infrastructure of the business center meets all international standards: there’s a reception on the floor working for the tenants. Customer Service representatives meet and greet visitors, the correspondence and phone calls are handled by the secretaries. Our customers do not have to waste time on finding and hiring a secretary or any other service they might be using every day. All the necessary services the tenants receive at the office through the operational and administrative department of the business center. In Moscow there’re almost no proposals on rent of small serviced offices for 2-3 persons with furniture. The best options of small offices and workstations (coworking) are waiting for you in Lesnaya Plaza. We will help find an office solution for any budget.


 For people and companies who do not need an office every day and who prefer cost-saving on rent we suggest a perfect solution – “Office for 5, 10, 20 days per month”.  You pay only for that amount of days you choose. The contract for this option is signed for 6- 12 months. The members of this  program  can book and use offices in any of the seven Moscow Business Centers from 09:00 am till 06:00 pm from Monday to Friday. For people who travel across the world we suggest a unique program of the Office for a few days” with access to the business centers around the world.


For those who travel a lot we help organizing a “Virtual Office” program in any country including the best postal addresses in Moscow.

Our offices in Lesnaya Plaza (Belorusskaya, White Square) will meet any business – from small companies and start-up projects to large international and domestic corporations.

You define the lease contract term – from one month to 2 years. The documents for registration of legal address are provided soonest the contract is signed and the initial payment confirmed.




Помимо аренды постоянного небольшого офиса рядом с метро Белорусская, у нас много других  офисных решений и сервисов. 


Услуга "Виртуальный Офис" на Белорусской. ПОДРОБНЕЕ, ЦЕНЫ

Программа "Офис на Несколько Дней". ПОДРОБНЕЕ, ЦЕНЫ

Услуга "Почтовый Рекламный Адрес". ПОДРОБНЕЕ, ЦЕНЫ

Услуга "Личный Секретарь" на телефоне. ПОДРОБНЕЕ, ЦЕНЫ



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