Virtual Office – prestigious postal address in Moscow and telephone answering.

Virtual Office Service – the perfect solution for companies that need certain individual services for business with no need to rent a real office. Virtual Office is a combination of postal prestigious address with the direct telephone number programmed under the name of your company thus improving the reputation and credibility of your business. Most importantly – it gives your business considerable savings on renting an expensive space. In Moscow a small office of less than 20 square meters in the business area will cost you no less than $2000 per month. The cost of Virtual office varies from $150 to $550 per month depending on the selected options of service and the preferred location. You will get not only a prestigious address in Moscow but also the high-level international services.

“Postal Address”
– you choose one of the seven business centers in Moscow, define the term of the contract (from 3 to 24 months), provide us with your company contact information. The secretaries of the business center collect and receive the incoming correspondence and inform you of that. You can post your new address on your website, business cards, any advertisement giving customers the impression that you have a real office in a prestigious location. 

 “Personal Secretary” – we provide you with the direct Moscow telephone unique number programmed under your company name. The secretary of the business center answers calls with the name, call forwarding to your mobile or factual office number, sends and receives messages.

“Virtual Office” – combines services “Postal Address” and “Private Secretary.” 

  “Virtual Office Plus” – includes the service “Virtual Office” + 5 days a month of using a private office.

Center Name Postal Address Personal Secretary Virtual Office Virtual Office Plus
Nordstar Tower, Begovaya Str. 3 $141 per month $200 per month $242 per month $400 per month
Moscow-City, Block C $153 per month $235 per month $306 per month $448 per month
Aurora Business Park $153 per month $235 per month $306 per month $448 per month
Citidel, Zemlyanoy Val 9 $164 per month $247 per month $341 per month $495 per month
Lesnaya Plaza, 4th Lesnoy Lane 4 $164 per month $247 per month $341 per month $495 per month
Smolensky Passage $200 per month $330 per month $436 per month $625 per month
Voentorg, Vozdvizhenka 10 $235 per month $377 per month $495 per month $697 per month
Prices include VAT 18%

Upgrade from any virtual office service to a private office possible at any time.







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