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Москва Сити Башня Восток мини офис 29 метров.


Москва Сити Башня Федерация. Офисы от 80 метров.

Офис 96 квм 2.JPG
Москва Сити, башня на Набережной. ВСЁ ВКЛЮЧЕНО! От 85 000 руб.
Офисы в Москва Сити башня Город Столиц от 90 000 руб. за офис на 2-3х сотрудников! 

Офис с балконом напротив Государственной Думы 200 000 руб!
Офисы с мебелью на Садовом Кольце от 54 000 руб!
Офис в Авроре на 2 человека
           Аренда рабочих мест в 4-6 местных офисах от 19000 руб!
Рабочее место в Нордстар Тауэр. Юридический адрес в ИФНС 14
БЦ Садовая Плаза от 48000 руб за офис!
Офисы с мебелью в Москва Сити от 15 до 130 м²! Фото офисов!
Офисы в Москва Сити с панорамным видом
Москва Сити, Башня ИмперияЭКСКЛЮЗИВ

Офисы на Беговой, Нордстар Тауэр от 41 000 руб за офис

Арендовать офис 20 кв. метров

60 000 руб. в мес. за офис 20 кв.м. Смоленская Пл., Арбат

Аренда рабочего места в Москва-Сити. Юридический адрес. Круглосуточный доступ 

Небольшие офисы в аренду м. Белорусская

Офис с мебелью на 2-4 человека в БЦ Лесная Плаза от 80 000 руб. в месяц. Фото офисов

Скидки. 80 квм, 90 квм, 150 квм, 200 квм, 1200 квм.  

 +7 916 258 26 23

One of the most prestigious business centers Smolensky Passage is located in the city center opposite Arbat Street and the Foreign Affairs Ministry in a three-minute walk from Smolenskaya metro station. If you are looking for a small office by a metro station in a prestigious area of Moscow we are happy to offer the best options of furnished and serviced offices for 2, 4, 5 or 10 persons from fifteen to three hundred square meters.


Smolensky Passage is one of the famous buildings in the business area of Moscow. The UK and the US embassies are just 5 minute- walk from Smolensky Passage. The infrastructure of the business center impresses by a number of popular restaurants and cafes, supermarkets. One of the leading fitness centers “World Class” is located on the fifth floor.

                The transport accessibility to the business center is more than easy. The building is located between the Garden Ring road and Smolenskaya Embankment. It’s very easy to reach any central location of Moscow avoiding traffic jams as Smolensky Passage is just next door to the metro station Smolenskaya. To rent a small serviced office in the Moscow center close to main metro stations is a great advantage. Wherever you live in Moscow or in the suburbs it’ll take no more than 30 minutes to get to the office either by car or on subway.


                We suggest executive suites, serviced and furnished premises for 1 to 30 persons in the heart of Moscow business area.  We help find solution for any budget in the best popular locations. Your move-in to the new serviced office will be fast and easy.  The administration team will help solve any issue. During the working hours you can make use of the reception support: the center team will meet and greet your guests, will order taxi, air or train tickets, book a hotel with special discounts for the center tenants and their guests.

                We have the best office solution for travelers - office in Moscow for a few days a month in any business center.    For details click HERE

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                For companies and individuals who work remotely – Virtual Office Service.

With Virtual Office service you will get a prestigious postal address in Moscow, a unique direct Moscow telephone number programmed on the name of your company. The secretaries will handle your phone calls using the name of your company in accordance with your instructions.


For questions and office reservation please give us a call +7 916 258 26 23 or email: