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Москва Сити Башня Восток мини офис 29 метров.


Москва Сити Башня Федерация. Офисы от 80 метров.

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Москва Сити, башня на Набережной. ВСЁ ВКЛЮЧЕНО! От 85 000 руб.
Офисы в Москва Сити башня Город Столиц от 90 000 руб. за офис на 2-3х сотрудников! 

Офис с балконом напротив Государственной Думы 200 000 руб!
Офисы с мебелью на Садовом Кольце от 54 000 руб!
Офис в Авроре на 2 человека
           Аренда рабочих мест в 4-6 местных офисах от 19000 руб!
Рабочее место в Нордстар Тауэр. Юридический адрес в ИФНС 14
БЦ Садовая Плаза от 48000 руб за офис!
Офисы с мебелью в Москва Сити от 15 до 130 м²! Фото офисов!
Офисы в Москва Сити с панорамным видом
Москва Сити, Башня ИмперияЭКСКЛЮЗИВ

Офисы на Беговой, Нордстар Тауэр от 41 000 руб за офис

Арендовать офис 20 кв. метров

60 000 руб. в мес. за офис 20 кв.м. Смоленская Пл., Арбат

Аренда рабочего места в Москва-Сити. Юридический адрес. Круглосуточный доступ 

Небольшие офисы в аренду м. Белорусская

Офис с мебелью на 2-4 человека в БЦ Лесная Плаза от 80 000 руб. в месяц. Фото офисов

Скидки. 80 квм, 90 квм, 150 квм, 200 квм, 1200 квм.  

 +7 916 258 26 23

We are pleased to suggest a unique office solution “Office use for several days a month”. Once you don’t have to rent a permanent office this solution ideally works for you. You pay only for those days when you use the private office. All offices are furnished and ready for immediate move-in in the best locations of Moscow center:

Smolenskiy Passage, Smolenskaya metro station (located in the heart of Moscow nearby the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the US and UK embassies)

Lesnaya Plaza, Belorusskaya metro station (3 minutes-walk from railexpress to Sheremeievo international airport)

Voentorg, Arbatskaya metro station (the main tourist downtown sightseeing street)

Aurora Business Park on Paveletskaya metro station nearby the railway express to Domodedova International Airport

Citydel on Kurskaya metro station (nearby the Kurskiy railway)

Moscow City, the main business center complex in Moscow

Nordstar Tower, located between the main highways.


You choose the program for the number of days of using the office per month – 5, 10 or 20 days. Then you can book an office in any of the 7 locations in Moscow.

Yu can work in the booked office in working days from Monday to Friday during the working hours from 9 am till 6 pm. There’re meeting rooms, receptions, service areas and kitchens in all business centers. The customers of the business centers can make use of reception services:

Booking and ordering taxi, courier, hotel, air tickets, meeting rooms with discount.

The 5 days program cost $352 per month

The 10 days program cost $470 per month

The 20 days program cost $813 per month


The price includes the usage of furnished office in any of the 7 business centers, internet connections, telephone line, usage of kitchen (coffee, tea). You can work in the office, hold meetings, interviews. The secretaries will meet and greet your guest at reception and will accompany to your office.

Questions? Call us +7 916 258 26 23 or email 

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