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Москва Сити Башня Восток мини офис 29 метров.


Москва Сити Башня Федерация. Офисы от 80 метров.

Офис 96 квм 2.JPG
Москва Сити, башня на Набережной. ВСЁ ВКЛЮЧЕНО! От 85 000 руб.
Офисы в Москва Сити башня Город Столиц от 90 000 руб. за офис на 2-3х сотрудников! 

Офис с балконом напротив Государственной Думы 200 000 руб!
Офисы с мебелью на Садовом Кольце от 54 000 руб!
Офис в Авроре на 2 человека
           Аренда рабочих мест в 4-6 местных офисах от 19000 руб!
Рабочее место в Нордстар Тауэр. Юридический адрес в ИФНС 14
БЦ Садовая Плаза от 48000 руб за офис!
Офисы с мебелью в Москва Сити от 15 до 130 м²! Фото офисов!
Офисы в Москва Сити с панорамным видом
Москва Сити, Башня ИмперияЭКСКЛЮЗИВ

Офисы на Беговой, Нордстар Тауэр от 41 000 руб за офис

Арендовать офис 20 кв. метров

60 000 руб. в мес. за офис 20 кв.м. Смоленская Пл., Арбат

Аренда рабочего места в Москва-Сити. Юридический адрес. Круглосуточный доступ 

Небольшие офисы в аренду м. Белорусская

Офис с мебелью на 2-4 человека в БЦ Лесная Плаза от 80 000 руб. в месяц. Фото офисов

Скидки. 80 квм, 90 квм, 150 квм, 200 квм, 1200 квм.  

 +7 916 258 26 23

Business center is located on the 4th and 5th floors of the 58-storey A class Building "Embankment Tower"  at 10 Presnenskaya Embankment 3-minute walk from the metro Mezhdunarodnaya or Vystavochnaya, the Heart of Moscow business area. The impressive atmosphere of the building is perfectly combined with professional services that allow tenants effectively run their business. High-level  infrastructure is really impressive: boutiques, shopping centers, beauty salons, cafes, restaurants, fitness center, hotel, apartments, five-level underground parking.

We offer rental of serviced and furnished small offices in Moscow – City, rooms equipped for 2, 3 or more persons. All offices are equipped with high-quality German furniture. Every work-station in a small office in Moscow - City includes a comfortable table, leather chair, a files cupboard, guest chairs. Offices are mostly designed for 2-3 work-stations. There’re also executive offices and cabinets with panoramic views available sometimes.

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We propose the best 
price for a small office 
for 2-3 persons

Meeting rooms rent
for tenants with discount

Book an office +7 916 258 26 23 , find out more or schedule a tour 

Usually office space for rent in Moscow City that other companies offer is no less than 200 square meters.  We will offer to you a choice of small ready-to-move-in offices from 15 to 50 square meters. The rent already includes work of secretaries, kitchen facilities, a business lounge. Additionally you can rent a meeting-room on an hour basis rent. Tenants have 24-hour access to the offices, 7 days a week. Rental rate of mini office in Moscow City includes all utilities, electricity, air conditioning, engineering maintenance, daily cleaning.

In addition to traditional rent of a small office in Moscow City, we are pleased to offer popular services and solutions for your business:


• Virtual Office Service in Moscow City. – From $250 a month.

• Personal Secretary Service in Moscow City. - From $220 a month.

• Postal Address Service in Moscow City. - From $160 a month.


Pricing on "Virtual Office” service in other business centers.

operator3Virtual Office- a Unique solution for Start-Ups, new-opening businesses. You plan to expand your busines abroad? Start with getting a postal address at best locations in Moscow. Sign up today - start working tomorrow.


In addition to rental of a small office in Moscow City, we are proud to offer a unique service "Office For a Few Days" a month in Moscow City. If there is no need to rent a permanent office, you can choose a program "Office for 5 days" per month, "Office for 10 days" and "Office for 20 days" per month.

You book a small office in any of our seven business centers in Moscow. You can work in a serviced furnished office from 09:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday except weekends and national holidays.


"Office for 5 days" - $299 a month.

"Office for 10 days" - $420 a month.

"Office for 20 days" - $690 a month.


* The prices exclude VAT 18%.


For more details on the services and rental please dial +7 916 258 26 23.